Youtube and Kids!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love watching YouTube!! Including 23 month old.. she loves it as much as my older 2! YouTube is awesome to find just about anything you want! As a mom, I want my kids safe while being on YouTube or any other form of videos!

I let my kids pick videos on Nick jr, PBS, and Disney  Jr but they always tend to want to go back to YouTube!

Not everthing on YouTube is appropriate for young kids, even if you search for Calliou(which my daughter seems to like). Your search will include some short clips of the show to hours of the show or you will find shows that you have to pay for! The worst is my daughter picked her own because she’s miss independent and Rosie kills Calliou! I was shocked and immediately took it away! I understand Calliou is annoying but it’s a kids show!

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My 7 year old is another one who likes to find videos where people are pulling pranks on each other or doing all these challenges. At first it was funny but then the swearing started! I don’t want my almost 8 year old son hearing this language! Minecraft or the five nights of Freddy videos are another videos that start off innocent but then the bad language starts.  These guys and girls are playing the games that young kids like but then their language is awful! So now they only are allowed to be watching the approved videos that I say they can! Now that school is starting for Landon, their will be less videos!! I keep my youtube settings on restricted so the bad things shouldn’t be shown but every once in awhile, things slip through the cracks!

My girls love watching the YouTube channel Come play with me! On the channel it’s little girls playing with Elsa, Anna, little Elsa and Anna(their children), every once in awhile more of the Disney Princesses are included along with Barbie and Chelsea! It’s very cute for them and let’s them try to imitate what they see!! Developing an imagination is very important and this video helps my girls play make believe with their own Barbies! My 4 year old received the little Elsa and Anna dolls for her birthday!! She loves them and spends hours playing!  Of course watching Mickey Mouse and Peppa pig is always a favorite with the girls!

There are a few videos that my girls will get on that drive me insane!! It never seems to fail, they ALWAYS ALWAYS find some form of the “Johnny, Johnny..  yes Papa videos!! Whether it’s the Chu Chu TV or we’ve seen Spider-Man and the Joker singing! It drives me bananas!!! B-A-N-A-N-A-S (now did you start singing Gwen Stefani?)! Seriously… then there is another where 2 little girls do bad things throughout the house and to their dad! This video gives me anxiety just from the way they are “acting”! I don’t think I would let my kids misbehave just to make a YouTube video!

My son loves watching the YouTube Channel What’s Inside? I have to admit, I like watching as well because it’s pretty interesting! If you have never seen it, it’s a father and son who cut things open to see what’s inside!! The most fascinating ones to me are when they cut open a rattlesnake tail and a giant wasps nest(no wasps were inside except maybe a dead one). I always wondered what really made the rattlesnakes tail rattle! Now I know but I won’t give it away!! You’ll have to go watch! The giant wasp nest was also pretty neat to see inside! As someone who is afraid of most insects, wasps are right up there with spiders! We actually had a huge white-tail hornets nest in a tree at our old house! I had never seen one before so I had no idea what it even was do I asked my husband one day while we were outside and he about flipped when he saw it! It was a task to remove it!!

hornet’s nest in our front yard!

So What’s inside cuts things open, anything from shoes, tv’s, Stretch Armstrong guy to giant teddy bears from Costco!! We love the Teddy Bears! Now I’m on a mission to find one at Costco for my kids after they have seen them! 🐻 And I can’t forget the review they did for the Angry Momma cleaning product!! Very funny!! If you haven’t checked them out, please do! They are amazing!! 

Other YouTube channels my son, who will be 8 on September 8th, enjoys watching are the EhBee Family, That YouTube Family, EvanTube has always been a popular choice and FGTEEV is another one! They all have fun challenges and show games being played as families! I love that!!  My kids love playing some of the games that they have seen being played!   “The Floor is Lava” is one of the favorites games to play now! It is quite entertaining to watch them play!!  Now that school has started, youtube or any other video games are less!

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Please share in the comments some of your children’s favorite!

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