The perfect tech gear for that person on the Go!

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If you are like me, you are always on your phone or tablets! It never fails that when I’m ready to take my kids outside to play, my battery is in the red! I need my phone when outside because I love catching photos of my kids when they least expect it!

Smart Charge Power Bank

Well if this happens to you, then let me tell you about the Toddy Gear Smart Charge Power Bank! The power bank charges your phone or tablet wherever you may be!! You simply just plug the cord right into the power bank and ta-duh!! Your phone is charging!


No more running out of battery life when you are on the go!!

I love the Smart Charge Power Bank! I have been using everyday so when my cranky toddler kills the battery from my iPhone, I know that she will still be able to watch her beloved Mickey and Minnie Mouse on my Disney Jr app!


The Smart Charge Power Bank has 2 different slots for iPads/iPhones and also other smart phones! I use the power cord that came with my iPhone to charge! It charges rather quick and the battery life is long lasting!

Not only is the Smart Charge Power Bank amazing but you will not have to worry about a dead battery anymore!!


Another amazing Product from Toddy Gear is the Wedge!! The wedge is a bean-bag like stand that cradles your phone or small tablet! It’s perfect to use in the kitchen to keep your recipe up for cooking!

My kids love using this!! They use it more than I do when watching cartoons on Netflix! They also love to use it when they have the need for dance parties and playing music!

The plush microfiber on the bottom will clean your screen when you’re done using it. How awesome it that!! I know after my kids are done with my phone or tablet, they always leave little sticky finger prints!! Perfect for wiping them away!

You can customize a Wedge with personal photos, your own designs, kids drawings, and more! Makes a perfect gift for Mother’s, Father’s Day or even Christmas!!

The Smart Cloth is awesome for wiping away dirt, oil, dust or whatever it may be on phones or tablets. One side is a micro-fiber to wipe away other side silky and soft side to polish clean! The Smart Cloth is eco-friendly and can also be designed with photos, drawings and more!!

There are so many awesome designs for each the Wedge, Smart Charge Power Bank, Smart Cloth and not to mention the specialize cords to use!  I would love to see MLB or NFL designs!! My husband would love using them with specialized teams!!

I really enjoy using each of the Toddy Gear products!! It’s perfect for the person on the go!!!

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