The day that changed my world forever!


My Son!

“I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence. Along with the wisdom to chose your battles carefully.  I wish you Adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way.  Listen to your heart and take risks carefully.  Remember how much your are loved!” -unknown author

As my son just celebrated his 8th birthday, I am a mess of emotions!! My son, my 1st born is growing up so fast! I never thought that I would have a child of  my own and here I am today, 8 years later reflecting on his life!

The day that you were born, changed my life forever! I never thought 1 person could change someone so much. It’s true how much a mom gives up when her first child is born! Being a mom is the best thing and also one of the hardest things I have become in my life!! The rewards always out weigh the bad!

From the very moment I heard that 1st heartbeat, I was in love! I asked myself often how it could be real!   Since Landon was my 1st pregancy, I really had no idea what I was doing! I read all the what to expect books and asked my OB a million questions in the beginning! I wanted everything to be great! Early into my pregnancy,

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I experienced quite a bit of spotting and bleeding. It was very scary and I honestly thought I was going to lose my baby! I cried and cried because the doctor said there was nothing they could do to prevent it, if it was a miscarriage! I had numerous blood tests and ultrasounds that first month and once I heard that little heartbeat, I knew he was safe! My doctor and a few other doctors I had seen, couldn’t tell me what was causing the bleeding!

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This went on throughout my entire pregnancy! I was put on a no lifting restriction, which at the time I was a preschool teacher. Again, the doctor did test after test and finally they were able to discover that I had Placenta Previa. After all the restrictions I had been placed on, one day, 36/37 weeks along, I was at work when I started bleeding heavily. My Boss took me to the emergency room where my doctor would be waiting! They placed stress tests on my baby and myself to monitor. Everything seemed to be ok! The doctors were ready to do an emergency c-section if needed, I spent 3 days in the hospital just to be monitored! The scheduled the following week for a c-section on September 8th! I was in bed rest the relaxing time… talk about boring!!

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The Day You were Born

The day you arrived, I was scared to death!! I didn’t know what a c-section was going to be like..I didn’t want to be cut open honestly! Once I was back in the operating room and everything was underway, I was finally relaxed..maybe it was the drugs they were pumping in me! I remember laying in the table and hearing you cry for that 1st time! I was overcome with emotions and crying too!

We called you our little peanut!! You weighed 5 pounds 14 and a half ounces! Tiny guy but very healthy! All your newborn test came out great! You wanted to sleep most the first day and be held! We actually had to go buy you premie clothes because you were so small! Even the newborn clothes were too big! But that didn’t last long.. soon you were double in size and now you are 8 years old!

The love that we experienced when you were born was like no other! My very first child! I am still amazed by the creation of life! Every kind of emotion takes over with the birth of a child! 
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Here we are 8 years later! It just doesn’t seem possible that my 1st born is 8 years old now!! I am so amazed and so proud of all the accomplishments you have achieved! Yes the 1st year of your young life’s was tough with all the ear infections we dealt with, the sleeping was a nightmare! I didn’t think you would ever sleep through the night or past 5am!

No matter how old you get, you will always be my 1st born, my baby! I hope that as you continue to grow, you will soon understand all the no’s have been for your own good! All we’ve said and done is to protect you and make a life that we can be proud of! As you continue to grow, I hope and pray that you will Ben the sweet-hearted boy that you are now! With a sensitive soul and a heart of gold.. well almost! You have your rotten days but I know every child has those days too! That’s what helps you grow! So always remember how proud and how loved you are!

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