Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!



Fall is my favorite time of the year!! It’s time for leggings, sweaters, flannel shirts and boots.. and Let’s not forget football!! There is nothing better than sipping my coffee on my front porch in the crisp early mornings before all the hustle and bustle begins! How many people are looking forward to Pumpkin Spice? I am not a big fan of pumpkin spice coffee but i do love the smell of all the candles!

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One of the things my kids love to do this time of year and actually help with is raking leaves! Have you noticed the leaves changing colors and  falling already?

It’s a fun time of the year for getting creative with crafts! While my husband is making some fun and scary props for Halloween this year, the kids and I are doing not so scary crafts. One craft we just finished is a countdown to Halloween! It was simple easy to do! I pre-cut a face shape out of green construction paper.
















My 2 year old claimed it as hers! Then we cut or I should say, I cut out what looks like a witches hat out of white construction paper then the girls colored the hat black! I was all out of black construction paper!
















We then made eyes out of white paper and colored in the black part with crayons! Glueing is the best part!! My girls love playing with the glue! We fixed the hat on straight and then eyes!

Next,I cut strips of green and paper to make the hair chain! Since there was 30 days in October, we have 30 pieces in our chain!
























I taped each strip of paper to interlock each so they would stay together. I added 7-8 strips to each row of hair… 4 rows! Then we glued the hair chains into place. I secured them with tape as well!!

Then each day we will remove a link of hair until the witch was no hair and it’s Halloween!!






















What is your favorite thing about Fall??

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