Christmas ideas for that fashionable tech person in your life!

Can you believe Christmas will be here in 6 weeks!? CRAZY!! Am I right?  The holidays are always a fun time for gift giving! But there is always that one person who is so hard to buy for! I’m going to tell you, I know this person very well!! Gift cards are great so they can do as they please with it but they are very impersonal to me!

That Perfect Gift

So I have had the great opportunity to be working with Toddy Gear, tech Gear for modern yet fashionable person!! I really love all the designs Toddy Gear offers!

*Disclosure – This post is in partnership with Toddy Gear, but all opinions are my own.*

Most people today have and carry with them some sort of technology. Whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, people are surrounded by the tech world!

These are my top 3 tech must-haves this holiday season!

1.) The Wedge Phone Stand! 

Who enjoys trying to hold their phone or tablet while trying to watch a video? I sure don’t! My phone is always sliding out of my hands! This is where the wedge phone stand comes in!! The bean bag wedge is perfect for holding your phone! Also, the bottom is made of microfiber so you can wipe away all the fingerprints and smudges. With all the different patterns to chose from, there will be something for everyone! OR you can customize your own wedge with a favorite picture, company logo or just about any high resolution picture!

Into the Woods Wedge Phone Stand

What can go with the wedge? How about a microfiber cloth!

2.) Smart Cloth 

This 5×7 pice of microfiber cloth is a lifesaver in my house!!! My kids are constantly on my phone, especially right after a snack so there is always a smudge or messy fingerprints on my screen!! The Smart Cloth works wonders! One side is the microfiber to wipe away messes and the other side is a silly side to polish up the screen! I also use it in my sunglasses and regular glasses! It’s with me always!! Do you know what’s even better, the little pocket Toddy!! It’s everything the regular Smart Cloth is but it’s pocket size! I attach the loop to my keys so it’s with me wherever I go! Just like the wedges, there are so many fun patterns! Or customize your favorite picture!

Pocket Toddy! Hula Penguin!
Silent Night Smart Cloth

3.) Stressball and Screen Cleaner

The Holidays can be a stressful time for many people so why not add a stressball as a Stocking stuffer this Christma! This microfiber ball is perfect to squeeze the stress away! It’s also perfect for cleaning the screens on phones or tablets!

Get a head start this Holiday season and check out all the fun, creative must-haves for the modern, fashionable techie in your life!


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