Super Hero’s dressed in Ordinary Clothes!


This is day 6 of my 30 day challenge! This day is about your Super Hero!  We all know about Batman, Superman, Wonder woman and so many other super heroes but what about those super heroes no one may know about!!

My 93 year old grandma is my super hero!  She is the hardest working, yet stubborn woman I know!

My grandma, since I can remember, has always had back problems. I remember her having surgery to remove bone spurs when I was a little girl! She’s had neck problems related to all of the back problems. Even though she had so much pain, it never stopped her from doing the things she loved! 

My grandparents, once retired, bought a house on 7 acres and always had it imaculate! They had a huge garden that had everything from sweet corn to pumpkins! You name it, they grew it! Ok.. maybe not everything but it was always amazing! I looked forward to every summer staying with them and helping in the garden!

When my grandpa developed Parkinson’s and dementia back in 2005,  she was the one to take care of him! He didn’t want to be placed in a nursing home! They spent 50 plus years together! She did everything he needed when he was sick! When his disease took his life 5years later, she was by his side! It was a love story everyone can dream to have!

She has lived by herself after my grandpa passed until just recently. Today she struggles to get up and down and now currently living with my Aunt and Uncle!

She is my Super hero because she has never let anything stop her! Her strength that she shows is something I hope to have at the age of 93!! She’s a remarkable woman who many people admire!


Super Bestest Grandparent

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