Love to my daughter on her birthday!

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Daughter !

How is it possible that my daughter is turning 4? I can’t tell you how much you have changed our lives!  It seems like yesterday, we were sitting in the hospital waiting for my Doctor. My due date was September 4th, just 4 short days before her brother’s birthday. I had a scheduled c-section planned August 30th, even though I had experienced it all with Landon. I was a complete wreck.  The moment the doctors confirmed she was a girl and held her up for us to take a quick peek, she was crying that sweet little baby cry!

Landon was so excited to hold you! Proud big brother!

Even though she was our 2nd child, she was our 1st girl! From the very moment she was born, she was bright-eyed! While she was being cleaned, weighed and all the health checks, she kept her eyes opened and kept sucking on her hand! The nurses were all amazed at how alert she was for being just minutes old!

You were such a happy baby except around unfamiliar people! Always full of giggles and there is nothing better than hearing that sweet baby laugh! You were my little girl and I love putting cute headbands on you, even though daddy didn’t like them! They were so cute!! You were pretty bald!

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The doctor gave us quite a scare when you were a few months old because they said your head had doubled in size from the previous appointment! They said you could possible have Macrocephaly. I started doing the worst thing I could possible do and that was to research what it means and all the side effects! I’ve never heard of the term before then! We had a MRI the next day at our Children’s hospital and then it was a waiting game for several days while the results came! I was a nervous wreck! I loved my baby regardless what the outcome would have been! Luckily our daughter’s test came back fine! I have done a lot more research on the condition since this.

This was the picture we took of you while in the waiting room to get the MRI done!

Throughout these past 4 years you have showed us love and your independence right away! By 5minths  you were already trying to move around on your belly! You had to keep up with Landon! He was always on the move so you had to be as well! With each month, you were sure to impress with all you can do!  Looking up with those big blue eyes and that toothless smile, you had your dad wrapped around your little finger!

As the short years have gone by, you are growing up so quick and learning so fast! Watching you write your name one day while Landon was doing his school work! You are eager to learn things just like he is doing in school! You are growing up to quick! I feel like I have blinked and now you are 4!!

When I took you to get your first hair cut in the Salon with me, all the ladies talked about how gorgeous you were and how well behaved you were! Since I was getting my hair highlighted and cut as well, we were there a good 3 hours and never did you complain that it was taking so long!!  When it was your turn to cut your hair, the girl curled and even added pink and glitter to your hair! You were so excited! You wanted to show everyone that evening!! Even the next day, you wanted me to repeat the curls! It made you look so grown up! Then to top it all off, we added some lip gloss!

First Haircut from a Salon!

You, my dear sweet girl, always go for you dreams! Never give up living! You have a big, caring and loving heart that you are always putting other people before yourself! Especially your brother and sister! We all love you so so much and so proud of you baby girl! No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby girl!

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