Don’t Tell Them, Teach Them!

Do As I say, Not as I Do

Too many people have the attitude that says, ” Do what I say, not as I do.” Albert Einstein explained that “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another; it is the only means.”  What does this even mean?  If you really want to help someone, instead of just telling them. You MUST show them!

This is true for everything in life!  You can’t expect our kids to stop yelling at each other when we are yelling at them from across the room… to stop yelling! It just doesn’t work! How many of us do this?? I know that I am guilty of it!! How easy is it is it to just yell “HEY GUYS, STOP YELLING!!” Will that teach your children not to yell? Hmm…Probably not very well.  What I do when when my kids are yelling, I walk over to them, squat down on their level and whisper very quietly!! They say that its scary when I do that!!

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Then I walk away laughing! Works every time! My kids stop yelling, I didn’t have to break my own rule about screaming from another room at them and everyone is happy! People will learn if you teach them!

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If you want to lead by example  then you must be willing to do the work that goes along with it! Let People see you doing that work not just the results it produces. If your children never watch you work, how can they ever learn from your experiences? Do your children ever watch you work or do you participate in take you child to work day? If so what is your child’s reaction about watching  you work? My kids love to get to experience working with their dad. When they get to help make pizzas, they are beyond excited!!

Parents are good examples!

Parenting, of course,  is a perfect example of one of those lead by example and teaching them! Kids are sponges!! They pick up everything!! Have you ever seen that lysol (i think) commercial about germs saying that everything they touch sticks to them and then everything and I mean everything that they touch sticks.  The sink, their desk, toys, toilets, etc. you get the idea but this is the same idea about the sponge! We get so excited we our kids learn something new that we teach them, like the ABC’s or saying momma or dadda for the first time. They hear that over and over from us!!


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As a stay at home mom who is also home schooling my son, I love that fact that I am the one who has been teaching him how to write, read, and math. Watching him learn and using what he knows to his ability makes me so proud. If I just hand my son the books and say “here you go, start learning” how will he ever understand any of it! The English Language, first of all can be very confusing to a young child or someone who is learning to it for the first time. How can anyone expect to learn anything for the first time if they are not taught properly? I remember when my son was in Kindergarten going through all the vowel sounds! Then we would add the short and the long sounds and he got a little confused at first!

How do you teach, show? Even the smallest ones are watching! It’s a little scary to think how much they are watching! I saw my youngest daughter, who will be 2 in October, looking at herself in the mirror imitating like she is putting on makeup with a brush! I wish I had a picture of it! The picture below was the aftermath(ignore her messy face still from breakfast) 😀It was so cute!

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