Bad habits are hard to break!

A bad habit to break! 

Today is my day 4 of 30 things you may not know about me! Today’s challenge is about A habit you wish that you didn’t have!! I’m sure everyone has some sort of habit that they wish they didn’t have!

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I have several habits that I wish I could stop doing or at least maybe not do it so much!  Psychologist say breaking a habit takes 21 days! 21 days!! WOW!

One habit I wish I didn’t have is worrying!! I am a constant worrier! I worry about anything and everything, even more now that I am a mom! Now I know why mom worries(still does as of today)!

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I worry about things I can not control! I worry about my kids & my husband! I am constantly worrying if I am a good mom, a good wife or just a good person in general! My looks and weight have been a constant worry! Will people make fun of me for something I wear? Or judge me because of the way I raise my kids? YES! I’m sure people have! Should I let that bother me, no I shouldn’t but  I do!

Since I am currently am homeschooling my son, I worry when my son does go to an actual school setting, will he be bullied! Will he make friends! When my youngest fell and broke her arm, I was a worried nut! If my kids get sick, I have a hard time sleeping, constantly checking on them at night! How do you stop worrying about the things that are out of your control? Am I the only one who worries about everything? I surly hope not!

On a lighter night, one of my other habits I can’t seem to break is emotional cleaning!!

When i’m upset about something or my kids won’t listen, I have a habit of cleaning!! Doesn’t sound like a bad habit to have! I usually start throwing things away, clean the refrigerator, floors!

This morning has been rough! My kids decided to wake up grumpy and have stayed this way most the morning! By 10 am, I had my entire kitchen cleaned!! Dishes washed, floors cleaned and all the clutter laying on the table put away!

Usually, it’s the kids room that I am cleaning!! I can’t stand clutter and my kids like to go play but not put their toys away when finished! No matter how many times they are told, they just like to get the toys off the floor! As they say “you can walk through the room” well their idea of cleaning is putting things anywhere and everywhere!

Last week, I went to put something away and toys were thrown behid the baby doll pack-n-play, in their play kitchen and underneath the train table! I think I may had smoke coming from my ears at that time because I just straightened the room up earlier that week!

As frustrating as it is, I know that I need to break out of this habit of getting frustrated when something is not done the way I expect it! I mean, they are just kids, Right?!  I can’t expect perfection!

The last habit that I would like to share that I wish I didn’t have is negative self-talk against myself! Especially where my kids can hear! I have 2 young girls and I never want them to hear me saying I’m ugly or I look fat!

I’ve struggled with body image as long as I can remember! This summer was the 1st time that I actually bought a pair of shorts!!! It’s been probably 15 years since I have actually wore a pair of shorts! Do I feel comfortable in them, no because again I worry too much what others may say! BUT i wear them anyway! I should never feel ashamed to wear something just because I’m scared what someone else may say or think!


3 Easy Steps to Break Habits

  • Make it Conscious!! You have to figure out when and why you start your habits! If you figure out what causes the feelings attached to the habits then you know what you can do to stop!
  • Put it in writing so it really sinks in!  Write down the emotions that again are connected to these habits!! Carry a notebook around with  you so when that bad habit wants to haunt you, then you can write it down!
  • Bait and switch! Once you figure out the reasons for the habit, then the next step is to start something that will encourage the habit to not return! Meditation is a good switch to encourage a more positive feeling!

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