Am I a Good Mom? Question I ask daily!

Am I good Mom?

My kids Madelyn, Landon and Isabella!


As a parent, we are always second guessing the question “Am I a good mom?”  This question is constantly running through my hand lately!

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Why am I second guessing myself so much? Lately, it seems my kids, especially my 7 almost 8 year old son has developed an attitude! He back-talks me, doesn’t think he needs to clean up his messes and then doesn’t seem to understand why I get mad!  I home school my son, who is starting 2nd grade soon because our school district is not the greatest. I want to see him excel instead of get behind. He is doing well with school except writing.  He thinks it is torture to write! We are working on improving hand writing but like a lot of boys..they have sloppy handwriting.

My girls are different! My middle child(who will be 4 at the end of August) is so laid back, very timid and shy! I don’t think she ever hit those terrible 2’s or 3’s. She has her moments when she gets upset but she does it in her own way! 

My youngest(she will be 2 in October) has been in her terrible 2’s since she’s been about 15 months old! She keeps me on my toes ALL DAY LONG! Thank goodness for naps!!! She’s my little redhead ball of fire!!

Maybe I compare myself to the unrealistic mom’s who always seem to have everything together! Spotless houses, no dishes in the sink and laundry always folded and put away! I can clean from the time I wake up till I go to bed and there will still be toys laying around or dishes in the sink! Even if I had a housekeeper, I would still be doing the exact same thing! I just can’t keep up!  But then again who ever said Parenting was easy!

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Calming down

I feel like the “yelling” mom who is constantly raising their voice! It seems like the only way I can even get them to hear me IS to raise my voice, threatening to take something away or to be grounded! I don’t like being this mom!!

This is not who I am or who I want to be! When getting frustrated with them, sometimes it’s important to just walk away! The fights not worth it!! I usually get my infused water(strawberry and lemon)  and crank up some music…some days I even put on headphones! Count backwards from 5 and breath! Then I can focus on the situation calmly!

My kids are my life! I will do anything and everything for them but am I giving them too much? They need to develop these self-help skills for themselves. I go without a lot of things(ask my wardrobe) so my kids can have the things they need! They don’t have everything they want but they have their needs met and are happy with what they have! We don’t take elaborate vacations every year, trust me I would love to take them to Disney World! I, myself have never been! With being a 1 vehicle family, most days my kids and I are home! Usually playing outdoors or playing random games inside on rainy days! It stinks being at home all the time but  we live with it!


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Social Media Lies

Not everything you see on social media is true…REALLY!!!  Some people seem to have that perfect life on social media. They must seem to have perfect kids who have never thrown a temper tantrum because they don’t get their way! Maybe, just maybe(my opinion), they never had to throw a temper tantrum because they get everything they want! I always feel like a bad mom after seeing pictures and posts about their children. I ask myself, “what am I doing wrong?” My kids have never been to the ocean, or even been more than a few hours away from home. But you know what, they are happy!! I’m not criticizing other family’s  for what they do post on social media because I would hope that no one would say anything bad against mine! I know not everyday can be sunshines and rainbows, that’s not the real world!! To them, it seems like it is! HOW is that even possible?! I’ve even seen the Royals children misbehave in public! Except public is one place my kids will behave! Imagine that! I’ve even been praised by older women at the grocery store while taking all 3 kids. They tell me how well behaved my kids are! I laughed and told them they always are so good out in public now if only they were the same way at home!

I know that I am a good mom because my children are happy, they are loved and all their needs are always met!! The question should never even pop into my head! I have been reading some books about parenting. These have been very helpful!

Parenting is hard no matter the age of the child! Things will always improve each and every day! I am extremely happy that I do have each day with my children and even if a day is not so bright, we all can start over! Breathing, fresh air and a good nights sleep for everyone always helps!!

I love the quote that says “look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.”- unknown author.    What gets you through days when you seem to be struggling with the question, Am I a Good Mom?

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